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Many countries have passed laws that create cooling-off periods for specific transactions, although the conditions under which they may apply and the transactions covered by the laws vary significantly depending on the jurisdiction.

In case you bought an item or paid for a service online EU-wide, you have the right to return your order within 14 days without justification, and you are entitled to a full reimbursement including the amount you have paid for delivery. You are entitled to return your purchase even if the seller's return policy states they don't accept returns. Your cooling-off period begins the day after you have concluded a contract with the merchant/ business - whether the contract is written down or it is an oral one. In case you paid upfront or you have made a deposit and canceled your purchase during the cooling-off period, you are entitled to claim a full refund. There is only one exception - if you have required the services to be provided during the cooling-off period, in which case the merchant/ business will keep what is necessary to cover the cost of services provided up until the moment you cancel.

Certainly, things like food and custom-made goods are excluded from the policy, as well as audio-visual products if unsealed or already downloaded. If you have already used the product and its quality has deteriorated, the merchant/business can reduce or even refuse reimbursement.

Furthermore, you are not entitled to a cooling-off period for:

  • accommodation (ex. a hotel room or a short-term let)
  • transportation of goods (including courier services)
  • vehicle rental services
  • catering or leisure activities for specific dates (ex. hotel and restaurant bookings, theatre tickets, catering for an event)
  • Discounted items are final and cannot be returned or exchanged
  • Other specific items

If your item arrives damaged, does not match the listing description, or is the wrong item, you can return it and claim a refund. If you have changed your mind and want to return the item, you can ask the merchant/business if they will accept a return.

If you no longer want the item, you should check the deal description and make sure the seller offers returns and if they do – under which specific conditions.

Once you have claimed a return via the platform, the merchant/business has 3 business days to take care of your request. If your problem isn't solved by the end of the 3-day period, you are entitled to request assistance from us.

The merchant/business has 3 business days to get in touch with you. How they respond depends on the reason you have stated for the return. Often merchants/businesses offer their customers exchanges, store credit (this form of credit can expire within a specific time period), or a refund via the original payment methods. If the merchant/business has not mentioned that the customer has to pay transportation fees for the return this means that the merchant/business will cover the costs. Remember - when you claim something you must always have proof to support your claim and attached it through the platform.

Furthermore - bear in mind that for a refund of already bought products and services the merchant’s law is applicable.

If you’re looking to return or exchange your purchase for whatever reason and the merchant/business has not responded or has refused to collaborate without giving any reason, we are at your disposal to assist!

Initiate a dispute

We are available via email at Please make sure you send us a full description of the situation with detailed explanations. In addition, we will need proof of what you claim and also proof (written communication) that you tried to negotiate with the merchant/business.

We will provide 3 business days for the merchant/business to get in touch with us on the matter and provide us with proof to support their claims.

We will need 2 more business days to review the dispute after the receipt of the merchant’s email. Please have in mind that we will be able to return the price for the product ONLY if your complaint passes through us and is filled in not later than 14 days from the purchase of the item for goods and/ or services that need the delivery. Funds are granted to the merchant immediately after the purchase for goods and services that do not require delivery and the merchant must refund the amount.

Please write Here if you were unable to resolve your consumer problem with the above-mentioned steps and you are from the EU:

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