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Onboarding fees and Referral program

Onboarding fees for merchants: Dyakonshop merchants must first pay an onboarding fee before they can add products to the system.

We want merchants from all over the world to join our online marketplace and offer their goods and services, so our onboarding packages are different for individuals and businesses. They are also country-specific.

If our merchant is an Individual in the aforementioned nations without a company, the price is 120 Euro, and if our merchant is a Business, the price is 1000 Euro.

Country Country Country Country
Denmark Estonia Portugal Poland
Switzerland Japan Belgium Italy
Australia USA Ireland Cyprus
Austria Sweden Czech Republic Greece
Netherlands Iceland France South Africa
Spain GB Singapore Hungary
Germany Canada Latvia Hong Kong
New Zealand Qatar Israel San Marino
Norway UAE Slovakia Luxemburg

If our merchant is an Individual in the aforementioned nations without a company, the price is 60 Euro, and if our merchant is a Business, the price is 500 Euro

Country Country Country Country
Slovenia South Korea Argentina Cuba
Croatia Belarus Malaysia Brazil
Serbia Ukraine Georgia Vietnam
Montenegro Russia India Iran
Bosnia and Herzegovina Turkey China Kazachstan
Albania Taiwan Panama Philippine
Bulgaria Thailand Jordania Egypt
Romania Chili North Makedonia
Cyprus Mexico Columbia

For a nation not on the list mentioned above: Individuals pay a price of 10 euros, while businesses pay a price of 100 euros.

What is covered by the cost of the onboarding fee?

Businesses can add and display an unlimited number of products and NDNs (Deals) in the system after paying the onboarding fee for a period of two years.

Each individual is limited to adding three products or services. They must purchase the onboarding package for the business if they want to add more than that.

Business merchants must pay a 30 Euro renewal fee after two years. The renewal fee for individuals should be 10 EUR. The cost of renewal is not country-wise.

An individual who sells used goods is referred to as an individual merchant. Please keep in mind that these products come with no warranties and that some cannot be purchased online. (Please see our Policy on Prohibited and Restricted Items.

Payment methods for onboarding fees: EUR

The Company will send an invoice to Merchants for the Onboarding Fee. If you would like to receive payment information from the Company, please email

Our specialized e-commerce courses are a great resource for those starting out in the e-commerce industry. The following dyakonshop courses are included in the onboarding fees:

  • Data protection and privacy
  • How can advertising affect your business?
  • Restriction for online sale
  • The value of a trademark
  • Why do taxes and customs duties matter in e-commerce?

Referral Link Generation Process

  • No Referral Link will be created until and unless merchants have a sufficient understanding of our industry. The retailer must complete a course and pass a test in order to refer other retailers or Dyakonshop Entrepreneurs. The course can be accessed by paying the onboarding fee and is listed in the merchant dashboard. There are no additional fees.
  • There is a button labeled "I want to take the test" in the referral link box on the merchant dashboard. After clicking on that merchant, the user will be presented with 15 multiple-choice questions, from which they must choose one.
  • After the test, an instant result will be shown, and if the merchant gets 80% of the questions right, they will receive a pass certificate.
  • The merchant can try again if the first attempt fails.
  • As soon as the test is successfully complete, a referral link will be created, allowing merchants to recommend other merchants or Dyakonshop entrepreneurs.

Referral Program

  • Merchants can refer to the other merchants and/or Dyakonshop Entrepreneurs.
  • For both businesses and individuals, as well as Dyakonshop entrepreneurs, the referral bonus is 35%.

Dyakon Entrepreneurs

  • During the time of merchant registration people need to select either they are a merchant or D.E. D.E are not merchants and they can not add products/services. D.E can only refer to the other merchants and/ or Dyakonshop Entrepreneurs.
  • After D. E registration they don't need to add the business information but need to accept the D.E agreement, and also pass CDD identification and verification.
  • In order for D.E to be able to refer to other merchants and/or D.E they need to learn a course and pass a test. D.E needs to buy the Course First.
  • Course Price is 140 Euro.
  • Depending on whether the referee is a merchant or D.E., the referral bonus is 35% of the paid onboarding fee or from the paid course price.

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