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Dyakonshop KYC Requirements

In order to comply with our legal and regulatory requirements, only the following KYC documents are accepted:

Identity documents accepted Identity documents not accepted
National ID card - all sides must be scanned in one file if manual process required Residence permits
Passport Donor ID cards
Driving Licenses TAX ID cards
Voter ID cards (*except for Members from Countries in which this is the Mandatory nationally introduced and accepted form of personal identification)
Travel documents
Temporary issued Identification documents
Diplomatic passports

Important: The whole page of the Identity document must be scanned for the manual process


If your Identity Document has no expiry date then fill in 31.12.9999 in the following format DD.MM.YYYY.

Important: Only clearly scanned high-resolution images having all details visible will be accepted. KYC documents should not contain visible pixels or dot patterns. All scanned KYC documents must be in color. In case they are black and white the following apply:

  • It has been certified by a suitable certifier as being a true copy of the original document and that the photograph is a true likeness of the client.
  • The certifier signs the copy document (printing his name clearly underneath) and has also clearly indicated his position or capacity, together with a contact address and telephone number; and iii. the certifier produces his original Identification documents. The person's identity can be verified by two different documents. The second document can be a proof of address.
Proof of address accepted Not accepted proof of address
Utility bills (electricity, gas, water, waste, etc.) Less than 3 months old Invoices from Telecommunication companies
Document issued by a Bank Less than 3 months old Courier/Postal receipts
Document issued by Municipality/Government Agency/Tax Authorities - Less than 3 months old Documents issued from: Pension funds, Insurance agencies; Securities and Investment Funds, Companies providing money transfer services (Western union, Moneygram, IRemit, etc.); Schools, Colleges, Universities, Receipt/Invoices from stores, including e-shops; Clinics/Hospitals; Pharmacies; Credit/debit card statements issued from store chains; Taxes for pets, vehicles; Rental/Lease agreements; Driving fines/tickets; Notary deeds, etc.
  • All sides of a NOT expired National ID Card/Passport (main identity page + address page uploaded in one file) where the names and the detailed address (including Street name and Street Number) are shown in the document;
  • Other documents issued by the Government where the Names and the detailed address are shown (for example: NOT expired: Residence permits, Driving licenses, Voter ID cards; National/Municipal Residential Agencies or Registers.

Important: Only clearly scanned, colorful high-resolution images having all details visible will be accepted. KYC documents should not contain visible pixels or dot patterns.

KYC documents MUST meet the following criteria

All submitted KYC documents must be written in Latin letters. Otherwise only an official translation in English of the document signed and stamped by a certified translator uploaded together with the copy of the original document in one file must be provided.

Please note that we DO NOT accept identical documents as proof of identity and proof of address (*example* - If a Passport is uploaded for proof of identity it cannot be used as proof of address, etc.)

Photocopied documents for proof of ID are NOT accepted if they are not appropriately certified/notarized (signed and stamped).

Black and white images of the document for proof of identity are NOT accepted. The documents for Proof of Identity must be colored with all details clearly readable and visible. If black and white images are uploaded they MUST be appropriately certified/notarized (signed and stamped)

Acceptable documents formats are: PDF, JPEG (.jpg) and PNG (.png)

Max file size of the documents must be up to 3 MB

For entities the Company must determine the high-risk activities/business to which it may be exposed, taking into consideration factors such as

  • The type of customer/business
  • The type of transaction the customer is using or conducting;
  • The geographical areas of the customer’s operations
  • Identity of the company’s UBO

For that reason, the company have to be provided with specific entity information. Furthermore, the collection of some entities' documents will be required in order to fulfill the requirements of our KYB(CDD) procedure. We need to be provided through the registration process and on-demand with the following documents required by business entity type (certified true copy of the documents and also official translation), which are not exhaustively listed below:

  • Certified true copy of Business Registration Certificate or corresponding commercial register extract (Certificate of Incorporation) including for any shareholding companies for your company
  • If there are shareholding companies- Business Ownership Chart (SHAREHOLDERS' ORGANISATION CHART)
  • Board resolution
  • Identity documents and proof of residency of the shareholders holding more than 10 percent of the paid-up share capital and/ or key functionalities are required
  • Copy of Tax registration certification (if any)
  • Photocopy of Business Registration License (if any)
  • Fiduciary agreement (if any)
  • Annual financial statement at least for last year
  • Source of wealth
  • Source of funds

All the information and documents collected are recorded in a secured database and kept in accordance with the legislation requirements( 5 years after the end of the business relation)

If a false document is detected by us the burden of proof is on the claimant (the Company). If we have reasonable grounds to believe that the case is document forgery we have to report to the responsible authority and specify the points of alleged forgery, the evidence/s that we have, and the investigation process we followed for proving it.

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