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There are 2 variations of the Franchise model

1. Product Distribution Franchise Model

2. The Business Format Franchise Model

Product Distribution
In the Product Distribution Franchise variation, the franchiser manufactures the product and the franchisee sells it.

Business Format Franchising.
Our Franchise is Business Format Franchising. In many cases the words ‘franchise model’ evoke association with laws and financial profit. Despite the fact, they are certainly important, they are not the focal point of our franchise model. In its essence, it is about the franchiser’s brand value, franchiser’s vision, standards and goals. It is Intuitu personae. It relates to the people`s access to receive a high-quality support in their own language and market in adherence to the regional regulations. It is about the exponential and steady business growth which is only possible when one business implements such a model with the right training and people.

In each country where access to our platform will be offered, we are going to assign a local Franchisee. This will require further consideration to be taken with regards to the country’s practices and specifics when estimating the fees charged on the platform. Taking this even further, incentives are considered for those franchisees who work towards introducing successful merchants to the platform

We are giving an opportunity to people who have been unable to shop online due to the existence of verification obstacles and also to merchants who have been unable to sell online due to the existence of verification obstacles and not having access to buyers without compromising regulations or stability. We are giving an opportunity to merchants to play a highly important role in the future by participating in our Ecosphere where community matters.
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