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We are „Bullchain” Ltd, a Bulgarian company with registration number: 20220707165627 and we are upgrading the E-commerce world.

How can you do it, you may ask?

We think that it is fair to assume that cryptocurrency and E-commerce have the potential to complement each other. According to us a token tailored-made for e-commerce will offer an innovative, viable, and streamlined digital solution for many existing businesses and startups. With the ability to appease consumer demand for immediacy and security, while expanding market share for retailers, cryptocurrencies could prove highly beneficial for the E-commerce industry if tailored and made for retailers.

More and more companies have grown to understand these benefits. Further to that, we observe, that there is a vast, ever-growing community of people using cryptocurrencies worldwide, offering an entirely new market share for merchants to target. For crypto payments to take any significant market share and be accepted by consumers and merchants, several requirements must be met. And the Dyakon token (DYN) comes to the rescue here.

The token is to be trustable and sustainable.

There needs to be a healthy merchant-to-consumer balance firmly in place for the global adoption of crypto payments. (Escrowing and Return and Refund policy)

Volatility continues to reign supreme in the cryptocurrency space, even among the most significant coins by market capitalization, but it is necessary to be adequately tackled.

Merchants need low-cost and fast transactions enabling a hundred purchases in seconds.

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